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Hi! My name is Krithik Seela, and I am a sophomore in high school. I started Helping Hearts due to institutional failures surrounding to coronavirus, and I saw the resulting economic and social turmoil that resulted. After realizing this, I knew that it is up to grassroots movements to be able to mobilize and help the community, so I started Helping Hearts as an organization that has the ability to do different volunteer work, as well as find general ways to help the community in a time of much need. 


What We Do

We do various different community activities in order to ease and minimize the impact of COVID-19. Right now, the main activity that we are focusing on is providing different homeless shelters with food, clothing, and other supplies. Specifically, what we are doing is contacting many different restaurants in the area and collecting any leftover food that they might have. As it turns out, this amount of food adds up, and we are able to donate these foods to different homeless shelters in the area. This at least starts to ease the impact on different shelters in being able to collect and provide food for different people, at a time where everyone is having difficulty. 

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